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"This is unbelievable! You captured more of Gena than what the original photograph ever did. How did you do that? The way you painted this brought out an almost magical quality to her portrait. Thanks for doing a wonderful job."
John and Rody Steffens, Chapel Hill, NC

"We just want to thank you for the wonderful job that you did on the painting.  My wife cried and I was so full that I couldn't speak.  We can hardly wait until we get it hung and can show it off to all of our friends.  I don't think either of us have stopped talking about it.  Wow, what a surprise.  How did you do it. So much effort and thought. Thank you again a we will certainly pass your name on to our friends.  You are truly talented."
William Groce

"Jerry, your ability to transform an ordinary photograph into a quality work of art is truly amazing."
Lynn Cummins-Dee, Durham, NC

"I got the painting of CJ and I LOVE it!!!! I couldn't ask for a more precious painting and his eyes are sooooo beautifully done. Thank you again for doing this for us and I guarantee we'll be back for more."
Katherine Lewis

"Gosh!  It is fabulous!  You should see it after getting framed. Thank you so much for your great work."
Katarina Dorminy - Fitzgerald, GA




Portrait Prices
The pricing matrix, below, has prices for common sizes and number of subjects.

Your portrait is unconditionally guaranteed for 30 days after you receive it. If you don't think that it's absolutely, totally perfect, I will give you a 100% refund, plus throw in $50 for your expenses and for your trouble.

Decide on an appropriate size, then select the column that matches the number of subjects in the portrait to see the price.  Don't be concerned if you're unsure of the size or number of subjects.  There's no deposit to begin.  The final size and composition will be tailored to your needs as we work our way through the painting process.  I offer a very personalized service with excellent communication between us.  The final portrait must be exactly what you want or you will owe me nothing.

You can place your order via email, regular mail, fax, or phone.
CLICK HERE to go to my contact page.



Number of subjects (A subject is a person, pet, or significant object)











11” x 14”
(30cm x 40cm)


$720 $900 $1,080 $1,260 $1,440 $1,620 $1,800 $1,980

16” x 20”
(40cm x 50cm)

$640 $840 $1,040 $1,240 $1,440 $1,640 $1,840 $2,040 $2,240

20” x 24”
(50cm x 60cm)

$870 $1,090 $1,310 $1,530 $1,750 $1,970 $2,190 $2,410 $2,630

24” x 30”
(60cm x 80cm)

$1,100 $1,350 $1,600 $1,850 $2,100 $2,350 $2,600 $2,850 $3,100

24” x 36”
(60cm x 90cm)

$1,320 $1,640 $1,960 $2,280 $2,600 $2,920 $3,240 $3,560 $3,880

30” x 36”
(80cm x 90cm)

$1,560 $1,940 $2,320 $2,700 $3,080 $3,460 $3,840 $4,220 $4,600

36” x 48”
(90cm x 120cm)

$1,890 $2,310 $2,730 $3,150 $3,570 $3,990 $4,410 $4,830 $5,250

For questions or to place an order, please enter the following address into your email client:

You will need to manually enter this address into your email client.  The above address is an image, not a link.  This is done to cut down on the rampant use of SPAM.

Here's what will happen: I'll email an initial composition to you for your approval.  Then, you'll get images sent to you throughout the painting process so you can add your input and make suggestions.  I'll make changes as needed until you are totally satisfied with the portrait.  You will never get an unhappy surprise.  You will know EXACTLY what you're going to get before paying for it.  If you don't like it - for any reason - you owe me nothing and I'll even refund your $1 deposit.

NOTE - Portraits that involve highly detailed backgrounds or other features that substantially increase the complexity of the painting may incur extra expense.  This will be discussed between us and a price agreed upon prior to starting the portrait.

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